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What We Can Learn from How HOAs Approach Security

What We Can Learn from How HOAs Approach Security

Owners of single-family homes can learn a lot from homeowner associations (HOAs) in their approach to security. After all, HOAs are often responsible for the security of dozens, if not hundreds, of homes. Because of this, HOAs have traditionally been early adopters of video surveillance, private patrols, and other security services. Here are some HOA insights from which homeowners can learn. 

Lots of visitors means lots of risk.

In some HOA communities, there can be endless streams of neighbors moving in and out all year-round. On top of that, all of these residents have their own visitors frequenting the property. This is one reason HOAs go strong on security; they know even if all of their homeowners are law-abiding, there could be visitors who have criminal intentions. All of these factors inform the decisions of those responsible for HOA security. They can inform you when considering what home security measures you need to take as the owner of a single-family home.


Private patrols and nighttime surveillance can help. 

An HOA may consider taking advantage of our Private Patrol Services that deter property crime with their consistent presence and vigilance. Homeowners like you can get incredible security benefits from our NightShield monitoring service: patrol, smart video, text alerts, and nighttime dispatch while you sleep. Combining the technology behind both of these services sets up a complete shield of protection that is incredibly efficient at deterring crime for HOAs and single-family homes.


Extra security is worth the investment. 

If you’re the owner of a single-family home, you can supplement NightShield and other video surveillance with our Private Patrol Services. As our local patrol team members get to know your neighborhood, they promptly flag what they recognize as unusual activity. Next, they communicate with authorities so the activity can be investigated right away. The services are easily customized to your preference, and additional services such as vacation-watch are also available—a valuable security measure to take advantage of in the summer months. There’s a lot that owners of single-family homes can learn from the security insights of homeowner associations. 

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