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The Benefits of a Locally Owned and Operated Central Station

The Benefits of a Locally Owned and Operated Central Station

The Benefits of a Locally Owned and Operated Central Station

Aren’t all central stations for alarm monitoring relatively the same? Not at all. 

The truth is, roughly 90% of electronic security companies don’t actually own their own central station. Instead, they use a third party provider that pretends to be the customer’s security company when they respond to an alarm signal. These third party central stations could be in an entirely different state than the companies they represent. That hardly inspires confidence in their ability to dispatch your local police or fire responders if you have an emergency. 

The Better Approach for Alarm Monitoring 

A much better approach is to use a locally owned and operated central station — preferably, one that is owned by your alarm company. That’s what we offer at Post Alarm. We own and operate our own central station, which means your home or business security system is being monitored by the same team who understands how your system was designed and installed. 

Furthermore, our trained security agents are located onsite at your alarm company, based in your own community. Their familiarity with the area makes them uniquely qualified to respond to your specific emergency. 

Other Advantages to Local Alarm Monitoring 

  • Relationships with local police. We have strong relationships with our local law enforcement — the same police departments that are responding to our customers’ emergencies. When police know your alarm is being monitored by a local central station they’re familiar with, they often have more confidence in the validity of your alarm. The result? A coordinated effort, which allows for faster response.
  • Faster response times. With a third party monitoring center, wait times are excessively long; that’s because, due to the prevalence of false alarms, sometimes police need to lower the priority of most alarm signals (unless they are video verified). At Post Alarm, our response times consistently outpace the response times of our competitors. Our close relationships with local law enforcement make a real difference in the response times we can provide you. 
  • Prompt troubleshooting and repair. Our close proximity also enables us to provide better repair service. If a problem is detected with your system, we will text or call you immediately from our own central station located right here in SoCal. Your problem can be troubleshooted and repaired faster, minimizing the time that your property is unprotected. 

These are some of the most important reasons to choose a locally owned and operated central station for alarm monitoring. To learn more about our locally owned and operated central station at Post Alarm, contact us today. We’ll be glad to answer your questions. 

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