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Your strategically placed night vision cameras automatically detect any persons on your property, alerting the Post team to review the video and respond right away.


Immediately, the 24/7 Monitoring Center team gathers a description of any unwanted visitors. Within minutes, Patrol is dispatched to respond directly at the scene.


Your private security firm responds to trespassers in minutes, often before the crime even takes place, and then works directly with law enforcement to apprehend suspects.

"Night Shield®
means I can get a good night’s rest knowing my family is safe."

— Zach F., Post customer since 2018

3:14 AM

Trespasser Detected

Once an intruder is detected, that’s when Post’s combination of cutting-edge camera technology, monitoring vigilance, and exceptional team training shines.

3:21 AM


Armed Patrol deputies or law enforcement officers arrive on the scene, securing your property and communicating with local law enforcement in real-time.

3:28 AM

Situation Resolved

After the threat is neutralized, Post communicates with you to ensure you have received all the services you need to feel comfortable.

3:40 AM


Now, you can rest easy, knowing that Post remains vigilant, keeping your family and property safe and secure.

Night Shield® For Business

Post delivers customized after-hours protection solutions for every type of business structure, from warehouses to retail to office buildings and more.

Night Shield® For Home

From our family to yours: you can rest easy knowing that the Post team is attentively monitoring and protecting your home from sundown to sunup.

Get monthly residential service starting at just a few dollars per camera

Must be a current customer with Residential Monitoring. Up-to-date cameras are necessary and can be provided in addition to your service.