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Reasons to Go Pro with Home Security in 2021

Reasons to Go Pro with Home Security in 2021

Reasons to Go Pro with Home Security in 2021

There are lots of things you can do yourself around the house successfully, with effective results. However, installing your own home security system isn’t one of them. The truth is, the home security systems people install themselves are nothing more than basic burglar alarms – and in Los Angeles County, most homeowners need more proactive intervention.

In 2021, it’s time to go pro with your home security technology. Here are some of the most important reasons to do it.

Protection against home invasion.

When it comes to home invasion, there’s good news and bad news. LAPD data shows that 2020 had the lowest home invasions in a decade; however, more than 13,000 were still reported. 2021 is the year to get serious about protecting your home against break-ins, so that criminals will be further discouraged to attempt this crime.  

If a lawbreaker is foolish enough to attempt a break-in, your professional security system will trigger the audible alarm while also calling our central station monitoring center. All of this happens automatically, and gets the police to your home much faster than a do-it-yourself system would.

Protection for your outdoor property.

Here, we’re referring to your personal vehicles and any other equipment you may have outside. The LAPD reported almost 21,000 automobile thefts in 2020, and that crime continues to be on the uptick as we move further into the new year. A home security system that’s professionally installed, monitored and integrated with cameras specifically designed for overnight protection is the best way to guard your entire property from crime.

Protection from environmental risks.

A professional security system can also protect your family from dangerous environmental risks: fire, carbon monoxide and flooding. This happens with system components like:

  • Smart smoke detectors that communicate with our monitoring center.
  • A carbon monoxide (CO) detector to alert you when this toxic, unscented gas is present.
  • High water sensors that detect flooding before it becomes catastrophic.


Protection from high energy bills.

An amateur security system does nothing to protect you from the rising cost of utilities. In the hot summer months of Southern California, a professional security system with smart home technology can put your thermostats and lighting on autopilot to reduce the money you spend on energy. If you’ve never heard about using your home security system to keep your energy bills down, ask us for more info.

These are the reasons why choosing a professional security system means choosing protection for your family. For questions about making this choice in 2021, call Post Alarm today. We’ll be happy to speak with you.


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