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Shields Up.

Every day, our community's overtasked law enforcement officers are forced to respond to an ever-increasing number of residential alarms. Post Alarm's trained Armed Response and Patrol Officers help bridge that gap by focusing on your neighborhood or home, through vehicle or foot patrol.

Helping to Reduce False Alarms

Our Armed Alarm Response Service is always nearby, meaning that any alarm trigger will get a helpful response right away. If all is well, you will avoid expensive false alarm fines charged when police are dispatched to a non-emergency call. If help is needed, our patrol officers can ensure the correct authorities are notified of a verified emergency. We’re here for you every day and night and this personal attention saves you money and delivers faster response times when you need help.

For HOAs and Communities

Our community focus is central to our business. HOAs and communities who wish to have a dedicated patrol car 24/7 will find customizable options to fit your neighborhood’s needs when you call our local headquarters.

The Best Patrol in the Business

Our hiring prioritizes qualified, friendly people with integrity who care deeply about our community. Coupled with extensive training and our own high standards, we are proud to say we have the best patrol officers in the business. We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously, and our patrol officers respond, inspect, and report throughout the day and night to keep your family and your property safe.

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Tiffany J.

Irvine, CA

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Post Alarm connects to my smart phone, so I can arm and disarm from anywhere! This is so futuristic! I'm totally in love.

Ashley A.

Los Angeles, CA

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Post is absolutely outstanding and a must for all home and business owners. My family has used Post for almost 20 years and I recently installed Post in my new home. The installation process was easy, and efficient.

Read Our 5-Star Reviews on Yelp.