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DIY Security for Dads this Father’s Day

DIY Security for Dads this Father’s Day

The past year has brought about some big changes for dads. Some spent months working from home and are now going back to their onsite workplaces. Others may still work from home but have limited time to spend on home improvement projects due to the demands of remote employment. 

If one of those dads lives with you, consider giving him the gift of a simple, starter DIY home security system from Post Alarm. Our Light & Easy system is easy for Dad to install himself and includes all the essentials your family needs to feel secure at home. 

Self-Installation Security Features

Light & Easy contains all the basics of a high-quality starter security system, including:

  • Three door and window sensors and one motion detector.
  • A powerful touchscreen keypad control panel with an embedded interior camera.
  • A high-decibel alarm siren with audibility that scares off intruders.
  • An infrared pet-immune motion detector prevents the alarm from sounding if the “intruder” is a pet rather than a person.
  • Auto door locks to help your family move past the security risks of traditional door locks.

This system is everything Dad needs for a simple but effective home security setup. In addition, to have this system monitored by our locally-based central station, we make it easy to budget at just $43 per month.

Add-On Features for Now of the Future

As a starter security system, Light & Easy has the ability for you to expand its features, either now or in the future.

Night Shield®
An excellent add-on option is Night Shield®, our overnight security patrol service that uses smart and AI technology to help families throughout Southern California stay protected from vehicle theft and nighttime prowling. With the spike in vehicle theft throughout Los Angeles County, Night Shield® is valuable in the crime-heavy summer months.

Please note Night Shield® is exclusively available in areas with Post Alarm Patrol service.

Doorbell Camera
The doorbell camera tells you who’s at the front door and lets you communicate with them via the two-way voice speaker. If you have kids and parents coming home at different times of day, a doorbell camera is a great way to keep family routines connected. Using smartphone integration, you can unlock the door for delivery drivers and ask them to leave your packages inside.

Smartphone Integration
If Dad and Mom want the convenience of controlling these features using their smartphones, we make smartphone integration an optional add-on to the Light & Easy package. Connecting your Light & Easy system to your smartphone is the best way to maximize its effectiveness.

We make DIY security easy for the dad in your life, so call Post Alarm today to give him the gift of home security this Father’s Day. We’re ready to help you get started.  


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