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Auto Door Locks: A Smarter Lock Option

Auto Door Locks: A Smarter Lock Option

Auto door locks are sometimes called "smart locks" because of their intelligent capability and connectivity. Smart locks can replace traditional keys with an electronic lock so homeowners can have a smarter, completely keyless way to secure their homes. Here are some of the advantages these auto door locks can provide. 

Keyless Entry Options

Keyless entry isn't limited to a single mechanism; there are multiple locking and unlocking methods from which to choose. Whether it's a numeric code you enter into your keypad or the lock/unlock button you tap on your mobile app, an auto door lock gives you the flexibility that traditional keys can't. Imagine never being locked out of the house again. It's a great feeling. 

Remote Locking and Unlocking 

Giving access to a family member, friend or neighbor is a cinch with the remote capability of a smart lock. You can even let in a worker or delivery person from wherever you are, whether it's the office or your tropical vacation. When you see someone at the door with your doorbell camera, all it takes is a tap on your mobile app to unlock the door for them.

Connectivity to Multiple Devices 

By connecting to your WiFi, Bluetooth or Z-Wave, smart locks can receive commands and integrate with devices like your video doorbell and home security
alarm with Post Alarm monitoring. As part of our Professional Home package, it can also integrate with your smartphone, enabling remote management. Doing so lets you to see who is at your front door, unlock if a guest arrives before you, or allow someone to place a package inside the door. 

Smart Speaker Voice Command 

For locking and unlocking inside the house without getting up, you can integrate your smart lock with your Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker. This is a wonderful safety feature for answering the door without abandoning the stove as you're cooking, the kids while they're swimming, or your bed if you're convalescing.

These are some of the reasons millions of homeowners have opted to have smart locks installed. To find out if an auto door lock is a good home security measure for you, call Post Alarm to inquire about our Professional Home security package. 

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