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Keeping Security Patrol Services Year-Round

Keeping Security Patrol Services Year-Round
Summer may be over, but this is no time to scale back on security patrol services. Because the warm weather persists year-round in Southern California, nighttime criminals continue to strike in local communities throughout fall and winter as well. Police departments are heavily burdened, which is what makes private security patrol forces so valuable. At Post Alarm, we offer patrol services you can have confidence in all year long. Here’s what makes them superior to any other private security options in the region.

Stringent Hiring Practices
Post Alarm has some of the most stringent hiring practices for private security patrols in the entire state. Most companies use background screening, but we go above and beyond the traditional drug test and criminal check. We also insist on a pre-employment polygraph test, which ensures our patrol officers are honest, trustworthy individuals who deeply care about protecting our local communities.

Frequent Training Mandates
In a time of high demand for specific types of law enforcement training, we have long been ahead of the curve. For many years, we've given our private patrol officers monthly training in some of the most important areas of security service. Those areas include:
  • De-escalation
  • Customer service
  • Lifesaving and CPR
  • Tasers and firearms
  • Critical certifications
We make deep investments in our patrol forces, and we know those investments will be reflected in the quality of their work they provide you.

Better Tools for Better Outcomes
We also invest in high quality tools for our private patrol officers. Southern California neighborhoods require patrols that are quiet, discreet, situationally aware and prepared for anything. From the light bars on the vehicles to the GPS coordinates, our officers have the tools they need to respond quickly and professionally.

Your neighborhood needs private security patrols you can count on all year long. That’s what we provide at Post Alarm. To learn more about our private patrol services, Southern California homeowners and HOA managers should call Post Alarm today.

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