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The Monitored Security System Difference

The Monitored Security System Difference
You’re a smart, skillful homeowner. Maybe you think that’s all you need to take care of an emergency entirely on your own. But the reality is, everyone needs help – especially if the emergency is a break-in or a fire. When one of these events happens, your number one job is to get yourself and your loved ones out of the house safely. Dialing 911 on top of that is simply too much for one person. If you have a monitored home security system, there’s good news: Your system will call for help, so you don’t have to.


Following Your Instincts, Knowing Your Priorities

If you receive a smartphone alert notifying you of a fire in your house, you will instinctively make rescuing those inside your top priority. At the same time, someone needs to call the fire department – and that’s where your monitored security system comes in.
By the time you get everyone in the house to safety, your system has already sent a signal to the monitoring center, where a trained dispatcher has contacted your fire department. They’re already on their way to save your home, and you were able to follow your instincts to help your loved ones.

A New Feature for Smarter Security

Monitored home security doesn’t end there. Now, there’s a new Smart Signal feature that lets you send an emergency signal to the monitoring center yourself from your smartphone. If the emergency is a home invasion and your system is unarmed, you can contact the monitoring center yourself straight from your cell phone so the criminal will be unaware. This is the smarter home security today’s families need.
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