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Securing Your Business with Access Control During the Age of COVID-19

Securing Your Business with Access Control During the Age of COVID-19

The security landscape is changing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the government forces many businesses to shut down, more and more people are left wondering how to secure their companies and watch over their business from afar.

Even businesses still open need to find ways to adapt their security solutions to meet their unique needs. Post Alarm Systems has served businesses in Southern California since 1956, and they are here today to help address these problems with the latest innovative smart access control solutions. Here are some of the things access control can do for you and your business.

Unlock and Lock Your Business No Matter Where You Are

Smart access control lets you unlock for deliveries or employees even when you’re not on the property. Simply check who is at the door using the security app on your phone. Then unlock the door. You can re-lock it when they leave.

Always Know What’s Going on with Access Tracking and Alerts

Access control integrates with your intelligent security system allowing you to set alerts for any access control activity. With customized alerts, you’ll know when the last employee leaves for the day. You can see if anyone is on the premises or trying to gain access if your organization is closed due to COVID-19.

Using your security app, you can view reports and alerts that show you who unlocked a particular door, and you can track user codes easily. The system can also send you video alerts on critical access events like when someone tries to access an area off-limits such as storerooms or data centers.

Manage Your Access Control from Home

You can revoke and give access to your employees without having to go into the office. It’s easy to schedule access to all your properties from the dashboard on the web. Also, you can set up a new lock code or keycard for a new employee or revoke access for an employee leaving the company.

It’s also possible to assign employees varying levels of access with customized days and times for each one. To manage your access control efficiently, create different access profiles for specific employee roles. Then you assign new employees to these profiles depending on their role.

These are just a few ways that access control can help you manage your business from afar. Post Alarm Systems has dedicated solutions that still allow them to provide you with the excellent customer service that they’ve had for decades while following all the guidelines on social distancing. If you have concerns due to COVID-19, we can help you virtually, whether that’s via video or conference calling.

Our company is family-owned, and that’s why our customers are like family to us. We’re here to address any needs or concerns you have. For more information on access control or other security products, contact us today.

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