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Home Alone: Keeping an Eye on the Kids While You’re at Work

Home Alone: Keeping an Eye on the Kids While You’re at Work

The kids are out of school because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but you’re still working an essential job. It looks like summer vacation came early this year, so how do you watch the kids while you’re at work? Smart home security has your back with alerts that help you check on the kids no matter where you are. 

Alerts for Open Doors

A smart home security system can keep an eye on your house until you get home from work, and one helpful feature is the open door and window alert. Place contact sensors on doors and windows, and the security system sends you an alert when a door or window is open too long.

This alert allows you to text the kids and tell them to close the door. Or, you can have alerts sent to the whole family so whoever is home can close it when they receive the alert. Not only will your house be secure, but you can save on utility bills as well.

Smart User Code Alerts

The kids may go out with another family member or out to the park with a babysitter while you’re at work. You want to know they made it home safely, right? With a smart home security system, you can give each of the kids a user code that works with smart locks you install on your doors.

The code lets them in the house, and you can set the system to send you an alert whenever one of the children uses their code. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they made it home safely.

Smart Video Clips Let You See That They Made It Home Safely

Install smart security cameras around your house, and you can actually see that the kids made it home and who they’re with. You can set the security system to send you video clips every time a defined action triggers them.

For instance, you can set your video doorbell to take a smart clip whenever one of the kids’ user codes is used to get into the house. Setting a specific trigger lets you receive the alerts you want without getting overwhelmed with video clips that aren’t relevant to the kids’ safety.

You can also see who is with them and if they have unapproved guests. In the age of social distancing, it’s important to keep your home safe, and unapproved guests could unknowingly bring COVID-19 into your house.

If you’re interested in smart home security solutions but worried about COVID-19, we’re with you the whole way at Post Alarm Systems. You can purchase our intelligent home security products, and we will ship them directly to your front door. The equipment is safe and sanitized, so there’s no need to worry about you or your family’s safety.

Our security equipment is easy to set up and install. We’re here to help you every step of the way with video or conference calling in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Post Alarm Systems is family-owned and operated, and our customers are family to us. We will continue to give you great customer service and provided the latest in security technology.

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