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Showing Your Home Some Love

Showing Your Home Some Love

It’s a time to show love to everyone—and everything—that matters in your life. If that includes your home, one great way to do this is with essential enhancements to the security system. By stepping up from our Light & Easy package to our Professional Home bundle, you can enjoy total integration of security and smart home technology. In fact, our Professional Home bundle even provides personal care benefits that are ideal for yourself and your loved ones. 


Exterior Cameras

Crime continues to rise throughout Southern California, so now is the time to have cameras installed outside near all your access points. With additional outdoor camera placement, you’ll see more than who’s on the front porch. You’ll also know who’s lurking in the yard, inching toward the back door or scoping out your bedroom windows. One of the most loving things a homeowner can do for the family is to add extra camera protection.  

Auto Door Locks

There are locks, and then there are automated locks you control with your smartphone. By upgrading to Professional Home, you can get intelligent locking devices put on your doors to replace your outdated doorknob locks. This means no more fishing for keys in the dark or leaving a key for the neighbor who’s housesitting. Just tap on your phone to unlock the door for yourself or whoever you’re granting access to. It’s simpler and more secure. 

Night Shield 

It’s unfortunate, but many of our local neighborhoods simply aren’t as safe now. With the Professional Home bundle, we provide you with our Night Shield dispatching service for additional protection. Night Shield includes intelligent cameras that send suspicious activity alerts directly to our local, Southern California alarm monitoring center. From there, our agents dispatch our own Post Alarm patrol officers or local law enforcement to your home.  

Stepping up to the Professional Home bundle is an excellent way to show your home and family more love this Valentine’s Day. To learn more about the features included, give us a call at Post Alarm. 

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