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New Year’s Security Resolutions for Your Home

New Year’s Security Resolutions for Your Home

It’s not too late to make some more New Year’s resolutions, especially if they’re for the security of your home and family. Crimes ranging from porch theft to home burglary to assault have spiked throughout Southern California, and these unfortunate trends are on track to continue throughout 2022. It’s still the beginning of the year, so now is the time to get prepared by adding these to your home security repertoire. 

Home Security Cameras 

Many homeowners have doorbell cameras, and that’s a great thing. But to canvas your home in protection, you need additional home security cameras. That’s why our Professional Home bundle includes both. With this package, you can get the comprehensive camera coverage you need, locally based security system monitoring, and smartphone integration of all your home security services, starting at the low price of $1,088. 

Night Shield® 

There are cameras, and then there are night-vision cameras with analytics. With the low-light capability and true smart analytics with these powerful devices, intruders on your property will be unable to elude being caught on camera. And with our Night Shield® service, you can take your nighttime home security to the next level. 

Being a Post Alarm Night Shield customer is like having your own private security team at home. When an intruder is detected on your home security camera at night, our monitoring center enters a description of the suspect and Patrol or local enforcement is dispatched to your home immediately. Our Patrol and Dispatch Center are trained to work with your local police, increasing the likelihood of the suspect being apprehended. 

For a more protected home in 2022, let us help you fulfill these home security resolutions. Call Post Alarm today to learn more about our Professional Home bundle and exclusive Night Shield service. 

About Post Alarm 

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