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Home Security for Safer Deliveries

Home Security for Safer Deliveries

As more Americans make online shopping a regular part of their lives, the phenomenon of porch theft continues to grow. A shocking 210 million packages were stolen off the front porches of homes across the U.S. in 2021, totaling losses of $5.4 billion. Locally, porch pirate crime has exploded; in fact, the CBS Los Angeles affiliate reported that California has the worst porch theft problem in the nation. 

Fortunately, Post Alarm has services to help protect you from becoming the next porch pirate victim. With our Professional Home bundle, you can get two of the most effective home security tools to fight porch pirates and support safer deliveries to your home. 

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras continue to grow in popularity, with more homeowners waking up to the benefits of a small camera mounted on the porch. Even though many porch thieves are savvy enough to see when a doorbell is actually a doorbell camera, they also tend to be brazen enough to appear right in front of it. This gives you a clear view of the thief’s face, which you can share online to warn your neighbors. 

Additionally, the doorbell camera sends an alert to your phone that allows you to act quickly by speaking to the thief through the two-way speaker. Because most criminals are not expecting you to use this feature, it can send them running (after dropping your package) and keep them from returning to your home again. This protects your future deliveries from getting into their greedy hands.

Auto Door Locks

By replacing your old doorknobs with intelligent locking devices you can control with your smartphone, you can open your front door from wherever you are and ask your delivery driver to leave packages inside. If you miss the doorbell camera alert and the driver is gone, you can ask a friend or neighbor to do it instead. If your neighbor has the same home security features, consider how covering for each other can be a great partnership to keep each other’s deliveries safe. 

For safer deliveries in the era of porch pirates, you need the Professional Home security bundle from Post Alarm. Call us today to request more information.  

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