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How Smart Locks & Smart Security Go Hand in Hand

How Smart Locks & Smart Security Go Hand in Hand

You may have noticed that many of your home security devices are focused on protecting the area around the front door, starting with the doorbell camera and continuing with the first indoor motion sensors that detect whether there has been a break-in. But what about the door itself? That’s where smart locks come in.


What is a smart lock?

  • A timed auto-lock feature, should you forget to lock up when you leave or arrive home
  • Location-based locking reminders to your smartphone when you need them
  • One-touch remote locking, enabling you to lock doors from anywhere with your phone
  • Unexpected activity notifications, to notify you about unusual door locking events

There’s also integration into the Scenes feature on your home security app; more on that in a moment.

Can it connect to your other smart devices?

Yes! Your smart locks can link to the other smart devices in your home, and all can be controlled on your home security app. This enables you to perform all kinds of helpful home security actions, including unlocking the door for visitors after confirming who they are via video alert. This is great whether the visitor is a friend dropping by while you’re outside at the grill, or a delivery person dropping off a package while you’re at work.

Another thing you can do because of this device connection is use the Scenes feature on your app to lock the door, arm the security system and turn on the lights, all at the same time. If you have a smart thermostat, it can also be incorporated into those commands.

Can other people use my smart lock?

They can, if your smart lock has a numerical keypad. While you have your family’s main numerical access code, you can assign temporary ones to friends and family who may be staying over. These codes are also ideal for babysitters, housesitters, dog walkers and other workers you employ. The codes can be activated and deactivated at your discretion. This is your home security, and you’re in control of it.  

These are some important ways smart locks go hand-in-hand with home security. To learn more about smart locks, call Post Alarm. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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