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Finding the Best Home Security Camera Tech this Year

Finding the Best Home Security Camera Tech this Year
These days, the list of tech brands competing for your business seems eternal. How you can you narrow down your choices in home security camera technology? This rule of thumb may help: It’s not always the brand that matters. It’s the platform.
A quality home security camera tech platform is the backbone of the camera system. It lets you control all your home security functions in the palm of your hand with a user-friendly mobile app. Even better, it can help you perform these critical functions for the security of your home and family.

Use any device to view your home security video.

You want a home security camera system that uses live stream technology, so you can view all your video events from your smartphone, tablet, desktop, Apple Watch or even your TV.
Having the freedom to view your video from so many devices, no matter where you are, makes staying connected to your home life so much easier.

Send you intelligent alerts when video is recorded.

You want a system that uses motion detection to trigger its recording function. You want it to send you alerts as soon as the events happen. And, you may want to be selective about which alerts you receive. With the right platform, your system can do that. Get intelligent alerts to your smartphone when the video events of your choice are recorded. A high quality platform helps you stay in control.

Take a more active stance on protecting your home.

Once upon a time, homeowners could scare criminals away with a simple home security sign in the yard. Today, defending your home from break-ins requires more. Not only do you need home security camera tech; you need those cameras to connect with your other security devices, especially your alarm. When all your security technology is integrated together, you’re taking a much more active stance on protecting your home and family.
To learn more about the best security camera tech for your home this year, call Post Alarm today. We would love to show you what’s possible.

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