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Artificial Intelligence that Works for Your Home

Artificial Intelligence that Works for Your Home
Not so long ago, people had very different ideas about what “the future” meant. Now, we realize that the future is less about flying cars and more about automation and intelligence. It started with the home computer, continued with smartphones, and has advanced to a place where we now use artificial intelligence (AI) to make life easier. It’s nothing to be afraid of; when it works for your home and family, AI is your ally.


What AI Accomplishes at Home 

The AI that’s used to make home life easier is what powers our smart home systems. These systems provide advanced home security services, but the advantages don’t end there. In addition to managing your home security system, you can use the AI in your smart home system to perform these functions and more:
  • Lock and unlock your smart lock equipped doors.
  • Raise or lower your automated window shades.
  • Control your connected smart lights inside the home.
  • Adjust the thermostat to save energy and make the home comfortable.

Artificial Intelligence with a Human Touch 

AI isn’t entirely artificial; when you control it with your device, you add a human touch and customize it to your home and family. With the Scenes feature, all your connected smart home devices communicate with each other to perform these tasks in the order you choose. You can create custom scenes that align with the way your household runs; that means lights come on, doors lock and temperatures adjust at the time you need them to.
A smart home system is more than an elevated home security system. It’s also artificial intelligence that works for your home. Contact call Post Alarm to learn more. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

About Post Alarm 

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