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Introducing Night Shield by Post Alarm

Introducing Night Shield by Post Alarm

Newly released LAPD data shows that the second most common crime of 2020 in Los Angeles was car theft. Shockingly, the pandemic led to a 33% increase in the crime, with 20,934 vehicles stolen last year. 

Fortunately, there is home security technology that can also help protect your vehicles during the dark nighttime hours. At Post Alarm, were excited to introduce that 360° protection with Night Shield technology. 

Smarter Security with Night Shield 

Night Shield uses smarter security cameras that send alerts directly to our monitoring center when suspicious activity is detected during the night. With this fast-acting security technology, patrol is dispatched and crime is deterred in a matter of seconds. Best of all, your sleep is uninterrupted. Thats what makes Night Shield the best way to protect your family from intrusion night after night. 

Night Shield for Businesses 

Night Shield is also an ideal technology for businesses, providing an overnight defense against thieves and trespassers who would breach the security of your business property. With immediate smartphone notifications, youll never be in the dark about whats going on while youre away. 

To inquire about our new Night Shield security technology, contact Post Alarm today. We look forward to telling you more. 


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