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New Year’s Resolutions and Your Smart Home

New Year’s Resolutions and Your Smart Home

For many people, 2021 deserves bigger New Years resolutions than ever before. In addition to eating better and sleeping more, you might pledge to start making the most of the family time you have during this new normal. What if you also made an effort to align your home with this new goal? Here are some ways you can use smart home technology to take back your time in 2021.

Making coming home more pleasant.

After the turmoil of 2020 and a rough start to 2021, many of us are simply hoping for a more peaceful year ahead. If youre working onsite at your place of employment and you want coming home to be a more enjoyable experience, we can help. Our smart home systems contain a Scenes feature that can detect when youre almost home and automate your front door lock, garage door, indoor lights and security system so that everything is ready for your arrival. That means no fumbling for keys or coming home to a cold, dark house. Peaceful and pleasant!

Put your home to work for you.

Everyone in the family should be responsible for those obligatory chores that keep the home running smoothly: doing dishes, taking out trash, keeping restrooms clean. But that doesnt mean everyone should spend all their time at home doing busywork. With the right smart home technology, you can put your home to work for you by automating your security, lights, locks, heating and more. That means less time flipping on lights, adjusting the thermostat and setting the alarm – and more time enjoying each others company instead. 

Keep your family connected.

Many kids are home alone doing remote learning right now, and parents need all the help they can to stay connected during the day. With the two-way voice communicators in your cameras, its possible to talk to the kids anytime you check on them using your live video feed. Its a great way to help you feel more connected until you get home at night.

By making your smart home technology work for you, you can feel good about keeping an important New Years resolution. To find out about any of the products and services mentioned here, call Post Alarm. Well be glad to answer your questions.

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