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Night Shield Security for Halloween Night

Night Shield Security for Halloween Night

We're approaching another year of kids and parents celebrating Halloween more cautiously due to COVID, but that’s not the only safety issue to be concerned with this Halloween. For homeowners throughout LA County, the other safety imperative is keeping our homes and neighborhoods safe from the vandalism and intrusion spikes that seem to happen every Halloween. 

Eye-Opening Halloween Crime Data   

Statistics released by Travelers Insurance point to an annual 22% spike in crime-related home insurance claims the week of Halloween. They report that Halloween crime often begins on October 30, with insurance claims increasing by 2%. On October 31, the claims rise to a 16% increase — and by the morning of November 1, they rocket to a shocking 46% increase as homeowners report the crimes that happened the night before. That’s a sobering reminder of just how vulnerable your property is the week of Halloween.   

No More Innocent Halloween Pranks 

Most of us are old enough to remember when Halloween decorations amounted to a candlelit jack-o-lantern on the front porch. But now, many homeowners adorn their yards with inflatable Halloween decorations that cost a pretty penny. 

Just as you have upped your Halloween game, the vandals in your neighborhood have too. Yours is about creating a more festive atmosphere, while theirs is about doing more damage. Innocent pranks like pumpkin smashing have been replaced with theft of large decorations, vandalism of homes and even break-ins. It’s time to get serious about protecting your home at Halloween. 

Protection for Halloween Night and Beyond

Fortunately, Post Alarm has home security technology that can help protect your home during the dark nighttime hours. It’s Night Shield security technology, a service that uses smarter security cameras, sends suspicious activity alerts directly to our monitoring center 24/7, and dispatches our Post Alarm patrol services to your home while the crime is in progress (in addition to notifying you via text alert). 

This can be your best defense against crime on Halloween night and beyond. And because businesses are also highly susceptible to crime on Halloween night, Night Shield can be used for small businesses as well. 

Criminal activity on Halloween night is a real concern this year, but we can help. Call Post Alarm today to learn more about our Night Shield security service. 

About Post Alarm 

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