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Patrol Extras

Vacation Watch

Mail Transfer — We will move the daily mail, newspapers, and packages that are outside your house to an area of your choice (such as your backyard). We will also provide: Daily Perimeter Checks, Extra Spotlighting, and extra patrol at night.

Daily Perimeter Checks

Extra Spotlighting — We will provide extra patrol at night.

Patrol Escort

With advance notice, our officers are
available to meet you at your home to
ensure you enter safely, please allow 15 minute notice in advance.

Special Watch

Extra drive by’s and spotlighting for a requested duration of time if a client has an additional security need.

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Beverly Grove FAQ + Pricing

Services for Beverly Grove Residents Price
Patrol Service (with Post Monitoring) $55 /month
Patrol Service (without Post Monitoring) $65 / month
Security Consultation No Cost
System Transfer to Post Alarm No Cost
Upgrade existing phone line alarm transmission to cellular/internet alarm transmission $175 (usually $325)
Contract Terms: Month to Month, 30 day cancelation notice

Benefits of Upgrading Alarm Transmission from a Landline to a Dual Path Radio (Cellular and Internet)

  • With dual path radio (cellular and internet) transmission, in addition to your keypad, you will have the ability to control your alarm via your cell phone through an encrypted app. This will allow functionality from the app such as arm/disarm and even ability to control home automation devices compatible with the alarm system.
  • With dual path radio (cellular and internet) transmission, the alarm signal is tested automatically daily.
  • With dual path radio transmission, Post’s dispatch center receives test signals throughout the day. Post will be automatically notified if there is a loss of communication without you manually testing your system.
  • With dual path radio (cellular and internet), the landline and the cellular telephone lines remain available to call the alarm company while the alarm signal is being sent simultaneously.
  • With a landline transmission, the landline is blocked from use while it transmits the alarm signal. With dual path radio (cellular and internet), the alarm signal is transmitted approximately 30-45 seconds faster than dialing out on a conventional landline.
  • With dual path radio (cellular and internet), a criminal can not sever a telephone line to prevent the alarm signal from transmitting to the alarm company.


Dan Kaufmann
Head of Patrol
Office: (626) 446-7159 x114

Rob Post
Office: (626) 446-7159 x143

Gina Post-Franco
Office: (626) 446-7159 x133

New Customer Patrol Sign Up

The easiest, most efficient way to sign up for our all inclusive Beverly Grove patrol services is by completing the patrol contract electronically. Please fill in the information below. Within 48 hours you will receive an email that looks similar to this “Robert Post via SmartSign []". This email will walk you through the eSign process. Beverly Grove patrol will start April 1st. You will receive a confirmation that the account is active. Once active, a Post Patrol representative will deliver yard signs.

Should you prefer to download the contact form and complete by hand, you can do so at the link above.

Please email or mail the completed form to:
Mail to: 47 E St. Joseph Street, Arcadia, CA 91006 - Attention: Rob Post

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