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Summer Safety Tips to Take Seriously

Summer Safety Tips to Take Seriously
Combine the high temperatures, more time at home and maybe a vacation, and you have a recipe for summer fun. However, these are also the same things that make summer a time of greater risks to your home and family. In a year that has already presented some unprecedented challenges, your family needs ways to enjoy a safer summer in 2020. Here are some tips to get started.


Be aware of summer burglary risks.

Criminals see crimes of opportunity in warmer weather, longer daylight hours, relaxed routines and homeowners being away on vacation. By keeping your vacation plans off social media and installing outdoor smart cameras that send you mobile alerts and video clips, you can protect your home from vulnerability.

Keep outdoor play areas safe.

Not all childhood injuries are minor. Falls and accidents in the yard can be serious, especially if unsafe play equipment is involved. Make sure nothing is broken, loose or rusting on your outdoor play equipment, and consider whether your family may benefit from installing smart cameras that overlook the yard.

Protect kids around the pool.

For many Southern California families, the swimming pool is the go-to for summer fun. Of course, the pool may also present the greatest safety risk of anything on your property. Help protect all the kids who use your pool by:
  • Putting the proper flotation devices on them.
  • Making sure an adult is by the pool to carefully supervise swimming.
  • Laying and enforcing ground rules for horseplay, jumping in and diving.
There is also smart home security that can help you protect kids around the pool. By placing a smart contact sensor at your pool gate, you can receive a mobile alert the moment a child attempts to open the gate.
To learn more about any of the home security technologies here, contact Post Alarm Systems. We look forward to helping you find solutions to keep your family safer.

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