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A Smart Solution for Preventing Water Damage

A Smart Solution for Preventing Water Damage
One of the biggest threats to your home is an essential element. We all need it — but when there’s too much of it, the aftermath cam be a catastrophe. Of course, we’re talking about water.


Whether the source of your water damage is burst pipes, leaking appliances or dripping utility fixtures, you and your insurance company are responsible to cover the cost. That damage can be anything from unsanitary mildew or dangerous mold on the walls, to the complete flooding of your carpets or other flooring. Abatement and replacement is expensive, and not just financially. You’ll also lose time, privacy and security while crews are in your home doing the repairs.
Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a smart solution to preventing water damage.

Smart Water Valve + Meter

The Smart Water Valve + Meter is a device that easily integrates with your other smart home technology and controlled by the same mobile app you use for your home security system. The device has water sensors that intelligently detect leaks and shut them off automatically. If you choose to integrate this with your system, here’s the protection you can enjoy.

Automatic Flood Shutdown

If a pipe bursts while you’re not at home, the most immediate need is to turn off your water at the source. Normally, you would need to call someone to help you do this or run home to take care of it. But with a Smart Water Valve + Meter, your system can turn off your home’s main water supply off right away. And of course, it will send you an alert just like it would if there was a security event. You’ll save time, money and headache with this simple service.

Whole Home Water Protection

With so many water sources in your home, the risks of leaking and flooding are everywhere. With a Smart Water Valve + Meter, we can offer you whole home water protection so that problems you can’t see are wirelessly detected. You’ll be notified anytime there’s a leak behind a sink, washing machine, water heater, toilet or another appliance. It can also tell you when the shower has been running for an extended period of time. When you aren’t home to intervene, these alerts can help you manage your water bill from anywhere.
Investing in a Smart Water Valve + Meter is a smart solution for preventing water damage in your home. To learn more, call Post Alarm Systems. We’ll be glad to tell you more.

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