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Be protected and breathe fresh air at the same time!
Finally affordable for everyone!

Alarm Screens are one of the most effective ways to protect your home while still allowing in ventilation.  They allow for unrestricted movement throughout the home without activation.  Alarm screens are the “ultimate” protection as the alarm will instantly sound the second an intruder tries to remove or puncture the screen which not only decreases the chance of entry but provides early notification to you and our Central Monitoring Station.  No more bypassing windows to arm your alarm or even having to vent a window in order to allow air flow.  Alarm screens allow you to keep your windows wide open while still having them armed on your alarm system. 

Post Alarm is proud to be one of the few security companies in the United States that manufactures our very own alarm screens.  All alarm screen manufacturing is done “in house”.  Therefore, by cutting out a third party vendor we are able to provide a much higher quality product, at a much lower price with an extremely fast turnaround.   

Our security screens feature quality, time tested materials that when connected to your security system will provide years of secure primary perimeter protection.  We custom make each screen out of special inner woven, near invisible wires that do not alter your view.  They are designed for easy removal and normal window and screen cleaning.

Additional Details: 

  1. Post provides onsite measurement/removal and design along with your security system in one call!
  2. You have the choice of converting your existing screen frames into alarm screens or having us make completely new frames for you.
  3. We can accommodate almost all window sizes and can even create screens for sliding doors as well as pet entry doors. 
  4. Alarm screens integrate easily with all Post Security Systems.  We can also take over most existing security systems if you are not currently a Post client. 
  5. Alarm Screened windows can be used as emergency exits for any reason.
  6. Alarm screens can help to decrease costly false alarms.
  7. Very fast turnaround from the time of order!  Most screens can be created within 24 hours. 
  8. Post Alarm Screens carry a 5 year warranty against defects and/or normal wear!
  9. Our frames are available in brown, gray and white. 
  10. We also offer onsite repair of screens if needed

Manufactured and serviced by us so there are no delays in fast and dependable, high quality service and best of all prices that cannot be beat!